What is Spec Class Racing?

Spec Class Racing is racing where everything is equal except the pilot’s skill. Every racer pilots the same build. The components are selected by multiple chapter organizers and the quads are raced in their own division.

If you are new, it’s the perfect place to start, with a specific build list that will net you a highly competitive quad.

And if you are experienced, you can really put your skills to the test against your friends.

The Current Specs are as follows:

  • Any Flight Controller
  • 20A little bees V1 (non-pro)
  • EMAX RS2205 2300kv
  • Flyno Spec Frame
  • FX668/789/799 (200mW) Video Transmitter
  • Any Camera 
  • DAL 5045 v2 Tris
  • 4S 1300-1400mah
  • 3S 1800
  • Min Weight 375g