Flynoceros Sköll V3

The Sköll V3 is a freestyle rig at heart

Whether you choose The Classic or the TAQ Edition, you’ll have the perfect frame for ripping bandos, diving towers, and having fun! Our exclusive soft-mounted rollcage system takes your freestyle game to the next level. Clean and simple, forget vibrations and just enjoy the ride. Not only is camera isolated from vibrations, crashes are absorbed. You are going to love the feel and enjoy the footage.

Optimized and Modernized

With more room than the V2, we kept all the awesomeness while expanded the V3’s capabilities. Perfectly sized to fit modern components and less hardware than any other frame on the market. With 2 bolts per arms meeting in the center with easy slide grooves, you don’t need to remove a single component to swap the arms! There are no other freestyle frames out there as simple. Whether you’re running a 30×30 or 20×20 stack, you’ve got options to do what you want. Even stack access is simple. The rollcage can be moved out of the way with 2 bolts or completely removed with 4 keep the entire core in place. Whether you are working on the motors, stack or camera system, everything is easy to access.

Freestyle, Exploration, and Cinema

We’ve created options for anything you could possibly want. Freestyle the 5″ Taq Edition or chase drifters with a 6″ Specialist. Or go with The Classic to get that sweet v2 feel with a wide base and room for days. We are constantly pumping out new printed accessories too. So even if you get the latest DJI FPV System, you’ll be ready with the Sköll V3. And if we don’t have a mount or adapter you need, just ask. We’ll design and print it for you. With the Sköll V3, worry about flying. We’ll worry about the rest.

With our lifetime Warranty…

Have the confidence to go all out while everyone else is too scared to compete.

You want Features!?

  • 20×20 And 30×30 Flight Stack Mounts
  • Uni-body or Replaceable Arms
  • 5″ or 6″, True X or Short
  • Isolated Flight Stack (Swap Your Arms Without Touching The Electronics)
  • Easy Access Flight Stack (2 Screws To Access Components)
  • Fullsize/Micro Cam Mounting Option
  • Easy Cam-Angle Adjustment
  • Soft-Mounted Rollcage (Anti-Jello)
  • HD Mounts for your HD Cams
  • Ziptie Slots Everywhere
  • DJI FPV System Compatible
  • Chamfered Edges (Everything Is Chamfered)
  • Downloadable 3D Print Files
  • Sköll Will Succeed In Its Quest At Ragnarök
It’s your turn.

Flynoceros Sköll V3

Choose your own FPV adventure


For Kit or Custom Build Options