Project Icarus V2

Project Icarus V2

Fly, Crash... Get back up!

Project Icarus V2

At Flynoceros, we are constantly working to improve and we like options.

Icarus is a perfect example. We took our original Icarus and reworked it into something much better. So much better, we have to tell you about it!

First, the Icarus is now brushless! It’s lighter, stronger, faster, and easier to build. Oh yea, and there are lots of options!

Beginners or Pros

Catered to any skill level.

You can buy our Icarus Beginner Kit and get everything you need. It’s totally Plug and Play!


You can buy just the frame and pair it with the latest components.

Everything Plug and Play


Our Icarus Beginner Kit is designed to prevent mistakes. The parts only work one way. You don’t have to worry about ruining expensive electronics!

As you assemble your Icarus, you’ll learn about how each part works and why it’s important. You’ll be ready for bigger projects in no time.

With our lifetime Warranty…

Have the confidence that you are covered! Our carbon fiber frames are covered by a lifetime warranty and we stock replacements parts you will need with quick shipping options to keep you flying.


Not Just For Begineers

Want to build out an Icarus with custom part? No Problem! The Icarus supports Micro Cams, 20×20 or 16×16 Boards and has a Carbon Fiber Rollcage option. Just like its Big Brother, Æther, it can be a super light, durable, high perforance, micro racer.

Flynoceros Icarus V2

Fly, Crash… Get back up!


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