The Baby Sköll (3″ Frame)


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lBaby Sköll do do do do do do. Baby Sköll do do do do do do. That’s right! It’s here. And it’s soooo cute. Mean… but cute.

The Flynoceros Baby Sköll is a perfect complement to its full-size counterpart, the Sköll V3. This 3″ FPV Freestyle Drone Frame is going to provide you with a combination of awesomeness and durability backed by Flynoceros Forever – Lifetime Warranty. Take your time to revel in the sleek design with subtle features that makes building and repairs a breeze. No other FPV drone frame company put this much attention to detail into their products.


  • 3″ Props
  • Unibody Baseplate
  • 30mm Wide Rollcage
  • Dual 20×20 Stacks
  • Centered 30×30 Stack
  • 12x12mm Motor Hole Spacing
  • Revolutionary Snap-In Soft-Mounted Rollcage (Anti-Jello)
  • Strong 3mm Arms
  • More Space for Components
  • Integrated Ziptie Holes
  • Micro-Cam Compatible
  • HD Split Cams Compatible
  • Top Mount Battery Design
  • Chamfered Edges
  • Standard configuration weight – approx 62g
  • Baby Sköll Will Also Succeed In Its Quest At Ragnarök


  • 3mm Unibody Base Plate
  • 2.5mm Rollcage Set
  • 2mmx30mm Battery Deck
  • 2mmx30mm Antenna Plate
  • Rollcage Mounts
  • Micro Cam Mounts
  • 7 – M3x30mm Standoffs
  • 2 – M3x20mm Standoffs
  • 15 – M3x8mm Button Head Screws
  • 4 – Aluminum Cup Washers
  • Baby Sköll Spacer Set


  • The Battery deck is not designed to support the battery. Make sure battery straps loop around the rollcage.
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