Sköll V2 6″ Hero BNF

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The Sköll V2 is here and it’s… awesome! Experience the fully-built 6″ upgraded 5mm version that is perfect for any occasion.

We’ve loaded it with some of the best components currently available.

Comes with:

  • Sköll V2 with Hero Roll Cage and 6″ 5mm Arms
  • Matek F722-STD Flight Controller
  • RunCam Swift 2 (FOV 150° 2.3mm) (Orange)
  • TBS Unify Pro HV Race 2
  • T-Motor F40 Pro II (Grey) 2400KV Motors
  • Vas Minion Antenna (Or Similar)
  • Gemfan Flash 3052 Props (2 Sets)
  • Choice of Receiver

The Sköll V2 features:

  • New Stronger 5mm Arms
  • True X (Balanced For Freestyle)
  • Soft-Mounted Rollcage (Anti-Jello)
  • Isolated Flight Stack (Swap Your Arms Without Touching The Electronics)
  • 30.5×30.5 & 20×20 Stack Options
  • 3 Battery Deck Heights (15mm, 19mm, 23mm Options)
  • Chamfered Edges

AUW w/ Split: 360g (no battery/no gopro)

Designed for 4s, capable of up to 6s