RaceKraft Tri-Blade RK3030 Tri Props


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RaceKraft Tri-Blade RK3030 Tri Props

Engineered to provide maximum performance and styled to match our team’s personality, RaceKraft props are cooked with love and made fresh to order.

These race blades are the most durable ones on the market, not to mention the way they come pre-balanced it was completely unexpected. The power and durability they deliver is top notch that’s why professional drone pilots only run Team Race Kraft Blades & so should you.Introducing the new Racecraft Props which have been engineered by the top pilots in the world. Producing the most power in its class Racecraft Props are designed to be very durable while still giving you great performance.Want to use what the Pro’s are using, join the fastest growing prop manufacture. Team RaceKraft has been the number one choice for all well know pilots. These Props provide more thrust than the majority of props on the market while maintaining Efficiency. More Robust and stronger than Dal props. Tag a Race Gate no problem these props will keep you going and get you to the finish line ahead of the competition. Not to mention the Awesome colors. Mix and match to give your multirotor that unique look all the other pilots will see as you blaze past them.

Each Pack comes with 2 clockwise and 2 counter-clockwise – one set

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Orange, Blue, Purple, Red


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