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Here it is! The coolest Hot Rod…, err no, Hot Kwad of the century! The rear mounted camera puts you in the driver seat of an awesome machine. Look out over your powertrain and experience a complete new way to fly FPV.

This new Flynolabs offering shows how cool flying drones can be. Check out our first flight and what its like to really be in the cockpit.


  • Rear Mounted FPV Cam
  • Adjustable Camera Position
  • Rear Pod Style (rear mounted flight stack)
  • Hinged Connections (for quick flight stack access)
  • Side Panels (removable)
  • Expandable Battery Deck (Accommodate the biggest battery for maximum Ratkwad Powa!)
  • Front Grill w/ icon Flyno Rhino Emblem
  • Hood included and Designed for AXII antenna
  • 5.5″ Prop capable
  • 30×30 and 20×20 Flight Stack Compatible
  • Coolest Kwad ever made!


  • 5.5″ Front Arms
  • 5.5″ Rear Arms
  • Base Plate (Bottom)
  • Base Plate (Top)
  • Ratkwad Grill
  • Battery Expansion Plate
  • Grill Locking Plates
  • Rollcage
  • Camera Deck
  • Side Plates
  • Front Rollcage Mounting Rings
  • Rear Rollcage Mount
  • Front Rollcage Mount
  • Grill Mount
  • Dash Mount
  • Hood w/AXII mount
  • Standoffs
  • Hardware

Recommended Components

  • 4-6S Capable Flight Stack (Stack Space: 52mm(L)x42mm(W)x30mm(H))
  • 1700KV (6S) – 2400KV (4S) motors depending on battery size and AUW (Expect a heavier build. 700-800g AUW)
  • Runcam Split Mini 2 or comparable (You’ll want to capture the footage in HD)
  • Big Batteries (this is your chance to get some decent flight times with some larger batteries)
scenic photos by J.R. Pellegrini
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