Flynoceros Forever – Slow Boat Warranty Program

$5 Warranty! How could it possibly be bad?

Our competitors developed this method to trick you, and we don’t like tricking you. So we are going to lay it out for you, so you understand why is not a good idea and why the Flyno Process is better. If you don’t agree, it’s here for you, and we are happy to oblige.

  • It seems simple. Buy frame -> Get Warranty. They obscure the details until you need them and have to go looking.
  • It’s cheap!! The goal is to play off of your built-in desire to get a good deal. Our competitors over-price their initial products and hook you like a fish with the unbelievably low-cost replacements.
  • It is convoluted. The process is designed to confuse you can make you feel dumb so you give up. Maybe you get it done once, and you feel good about it, but the competitor’s over-priced products account for this and in order to come out ahead you have to use the warranty a lot! But…
  • It’s purposely slow. The submittal process is slow, the confirmation process is slow, the delivery is slow. So even if you continually submit warranty claims you still won’t come out ahead.
  • The goal is to get you to buy more frames with the mentality of “I’ll get a backup to fly while I wait for my parts.” So now you have even more invested, and even though you kinda realize it’s not working for you. You have too much invested to bail out. You are in too deep and if you denounce it that means you were duped.  They know you don’t want to admit you were duped!
  • Lastly, and probably the worst, is because they got you stuck in a bad situation, they know you’ll try to convince yourself it’s not that bad. So you have to tell other’s its good to help convince yourself that you are not alone and if everyone’s doing it, it can’t be that bad. So more and more people get sucked in and duped!
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We want to be upfront with you. This method is cheap ($5) (just like our competitors), and this method will not be fast, simple or easy (just like our competitors)

Send us a picture of a letter with your frame highlighting the broken parts.

Your letter must be done to exact specifications or your claim will be denied:

1. Your Full Legal Name
2. Today’s Date in American Format (MM/DD/YYYY)
3. Proof of Purchase (Trades still require original proof of purchase with signed written letter from original owner transferring ownership to you)
4. Issue that you experienced with arrows pointing to the problem area(s) (If we can’t see it in the picture, we’ll need another picture)
5. Name of the broken part
6. Your Signature (Preferably in blood… that’s a joke, don’t cut your self!.. or anyone else, please.)

The broken parts have to be installed on the frame. You must send pictures of the damage before you take anything apart or else your warranty claim may not be approved. Show us first, and after that you can take it apart and send pics of individual parts.

Your picture should have a physical paper note under the frame, but readable, containing the six steps, with no photo-shopping! We can tell!

To start the claim process, you will need to send this picture to

Note: that we will not accept photo montage, but if you make a video montage.. We’ll consider it.

Okay, now… Phase 2 of the slow boat method.

After some time has passes, you may receive a response confirming your warranty claim will be granted/fulfilled. Now, You’ll need to do the following:

Remake your warranty claim sheet. It must have the exact same information on it.
Scratch “flynoforever” on both sides of the damaged part(s) in an intentional manner (and Optionally into your workbench) *You cannot make a mistake and do this before a warranty will be issued. Because if we ask for more pictures and it’s scratched, we won’t know it’s a new replacement claim.
Take a picture of scratches on the top and the bottom sides of the parts. This will take 2 or more pictures to show the scratches on both sides of the parts. Remember your letter must be in the picture under the parts.

Once you have collected all 5 ston… err, once you’ve got the pictures, reply to your email confirming your claim. You will then get a coupon valid for the parts covered by the warranty.

We’re not done yet…

After you have paid for your parts. ($5). US only. Sorry rest of the world, maybe next year.

We’ll put your parts on a shelf until your order is 3 weeks old. Then we’ll ship them out with the cheapest shipping method we can.

We don’t like it either. This is what our competitors do and somehow people like it. You can try it if you want.

Or you can use our tried and true method that, even though it costs a little more, makes sure you’ll get your parts fast and cheap!

Flyno Warranty Program