Cerberus V2 & Canis M5 V3 Hood


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Cerberus Hood (Also 100% Compatible with the Canis M5 v3)

Main Body

Designed to give the Cerberus its iconic shape while also providing multiple functions. The main body part interlocks with the cam and antenna parts to give a seamless look and feel. It incorporates forever tube holes, a underside designed to mount VTX such that it will provide easy access to the controls, and zip tie slots to affix anything you want to your Cerberus.

Cam Guards

Cerberus comes standard with two camera guard variants. The large opened slot gives you the freedom to mount your camera however you want. The slot can incorporate the widest of lens and maintains the clean looks of the Cerberus. The 3-hole option give you the ability to through-mount your camera to the directly to the guard in 3 different positions depending on how aggressive you want to fly. Both parts easily connect the main body and the roll cage.

Antenna Guide

The Cerberus hood is capped off the a custom antenna holder that gives you multiple options once again. You can run your antenna up or down by moving your bolts between the 2 provided slots on the roll cage. Its designed to fit the common coaxial cable used for antennas and once you zip tie it down your antenna will never pull your VTX apart again.



  • TPU 3D Printed Multi-part hood
    • 2 Cam Parts
    • 1 Body Part
    • 1 Antenna Part