Cerberus Mini


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Printed Parts And Standoff Color Options (Default: Red)

Hood Options (Default: No Hood)

Build Options


Now with more chamfer!

Use caution when feeding your baby Cerberus… you know… because they bite!

  • Unibody frame
  • 150 race class
  • 3″ props
  • AUW 184g-ish

*Important: TPU hood not included

Add it on or print it yourself. We publish all of our parts to Thingiverse.

Frame Only Includes

  • Flynoceros Cerberus Mini Frame
  • Hardware
    • Screws
    • Locknuts
    • Standoffs

Kit Includes (parts from all the best manufacturers!)

  • Flynoceros Cerberus Mini Frame
  • Raceflight Millivolt ( PIKO BLX discontinued)
  • Raceflight Spark 4n1 ESC
  • BrotherHobby T1 1407 3600kv Motors
  • RunCam Swift 2 Camera
  • TBS Unify Pro 5G8 V2(SMA) VTX
  • Battery Strap
  • RaceKraft 3030 Tri Props
  • Misc Part (xt-60, wire, standoffs, spacers, etc)

What do you need to fly

  • Radio Receiver
  • Batteries (4S 650-1000mAh professional, 3S 650-900 starter)


  • Fly responsibly
  • Remove props before programming

Frame Attributes

  • Frame Size: 153mm
  • Frame Material: 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Base Material Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Frame Type: Stretched X
  • Motor Compatibility: 13mm, 14mm (12mm screw spacing)
  • Prop Compatibility: 3″
  • Frame Weight: 38g

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