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HD Camera Mount Options (Default: Session)

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BFF is a collaboration with folks behind Butterflight.

BFF pushes the boundary of slammage while providing an elegantly smooth profile. You could say it’s… buttery smooth.

Frame Specs:

  • 5mm Arms
  • 2mm Base-plates
  • 2mm Cam-plates
  • Fits 6″ props with Session Mount (5.5″ Props with Hero 5/6 mount)
  • Fits Micro Cam (8mm Lens)
  • Dual 30×30 stack locations
  • Dual 20×20 stack locations
  • 10mm and 20mm stack height options (All Standoffs Included)
  • 4 Integrated Cam Plates (All Included)
    • 10mm with HD Mount
    • 10mm without HD Mount
    • 20mm with HD mount
    • 20mm without HD mount
  • 3D Printed Bumper Guard (Included)

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