Lifetime Replacement FAQs

Can I replace my frame?

Any damaged Flynoceros frame can be submitted for a replacement.

How do I get a replacement Frame?

What's included in the replacement?

We only include the frame itself (Carbon Fiber Only), so make sure you keep all of your hardware and other components.

Is the replacement the whole frame or just the broken part?

The replacement is the entire frame. This mean a couple things.

  • When sending in your damaged product, you need to include all (or as much of it as possible) of the frame. Depending on damage we know some broken fragments get lost. (example: If break an arm on your X Rate and you want a replacement frame, you’ll have to send the entire frame in, including the parts that are not broken)
  • We can only replace the entire frame so we can ensure all parts are compatible. We go through a lot of versions improving the designs. We can’t keep up with all the generation and so the only way we can provide this service is by replacing the entire product.

What if I only send you the broken parts?

As mentioned before, the entire frame needs to be returned. We cannot guarantee compatibility of parts as we increment versions of each frame. This said, if you do only send in a partial frame or only the broken components, we will only return replace those components. There is no discount and this is solely at your own discretion. We recommend against this as we will not be responsible for incompatible parts.

Is it a free replacement?

No. There is a deductible. We believe in the quality of our frames. And we believe when you buy a Flynoceros frame, we enter into partnership. We are there in the good times (the wins, bragging, showing off), and we are there in the bad times. By charging a deductible we can provide you a replacement and share the burden of rebuilding so you can get back out there! The deductible does couple things.

  • It prevents fraud
  • It keep everyone honest
  • It help cover our operating cost

Why do I have to return the broken frame?

By getting the broken frames back, we can inspect them and a get see problems quicker than waiting for someone to tell us. The ultimate goal of Flynoceros is to design the best, highest caliber racing frames. We consider this program a step towards that goal.

What if you don't receive my broken frame?

We encourage you to ship your broken frame back with tracking information. If there is an issue with us receiving the return, we will request the tracking information. As long as you can provide the tracking information, we will fulfill the request.

Can I get any frame?

No. The replacement is limited to the model of the damaged frame. If the damage frame is not still in production, a comparable model will be sent instead.

(For example if you want to replace an Orion 190X Gen 2, it would be replaced with an Orion 190X Gen 3)

Can I get an upgrade?

No. The replacement is limited to the model of the damaged frame. If the model is available, it is the one that will be provided. The only time an upgrade will occur is when the model returned is no longer in production and is out of stock. In this instances a comparable frame will be provided.

What do you mean by "comparable"?

Basically a comparable frame would be the same style, size and material.

This is so as we develop and refine frames, you don’t feel like we’ve done it to get out of replacing your frame. We want to continue to develop while you have to peace of mind to know we’ve got your back.

How long does it take?

The time is based on a couple factors

  • How long it takes for us to receive the damaged frame
  • If the frame is available or on back order
  • If the frame is on back order, it will be sent out as soon as the stock is available

How many times can I request a replacement?

As long as the frame or a comparable frame is available, you can get a replacement.