Flynoceros BFF

Butterflight and Flynoceros teamed up to bring you a new powerful FPV platform

We started with a list of criteria from the butterflight community.

  • Super Slammed
  • Top Mount Battery
  • Prop-free Video
  • 5.5″ Capable
  • Micro Cam Specific
  • Individual ESCs

After a huge number of iterations, we found a perfect balance.

The BFF’s shape and style is intended to be a canvas for You, the pilot! We left out all the fuss, and created not just a frame, but a Platform for you to create cinematic masterpieces in ways no one has done before.

We made it simple so you could do want you do best.


Slammed or Super Slammed, your choice

We went as slammed as we possibly could, and then we included the option for less slammage to make sure BFF was more that just a niche frame.

It just looks tight but there’s plenty of room! Go super slammed and you will have an easy build using individual escs. BFF has dual stack mounts for both 20×20 and 30×30 boards.

Or use a 20mm stack with all the extra hardware included for free and you can do a double stack with 4in1 ESC and still have room for all kinds of equipment.

We think it’s Awesome

“The butterflight frame is amazing for two reasons not only is it a great freestyle rig that is durable as hell, like every other flyno frame, its cinematic filming capabilities are what really set it apart multiple mounting options for HD cameras as well as keeping a low center of gravity makes this thing really stand out”

– QuallsAlmighty

With our lifetime Warranty…

Have the confidence to go all out while everyone else is too scared to go for broke.

Flynoceros BFF

Simple, Solid, Smooth


For Kit or Custom Build Options