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The Flyno Show – Nerd Nite (nice!) – Flyno Labs! – Shoutout – Icarus+MakerFaire – Winners!


This week we talk about some goodies, like our Fat Strap Giveaway and MIss Creature’s Sköll and Skin Giveaway.
Congrats to
Bob Lyman (winner of the Lipo FatStrap)
@melo_fpv (winner of MIss Creature’s Sköll and Skin)

We also talk about a lot cool new products in #flynolabs. check them all out here:

Jared sent us a sweet FlynoRhino pic for an entry into our FlynoRhino giveaway (remember to save those tickets in your orders!)

Oh yea, and Josh did a talk at Nerd Nite Austin… we tried a live stream event and had some issues, so watch the potato version posted now, or keep an eye out for a better quality version as soon as we recieve it.

And don’t forget to come to Maker Faire in Austin!
We’ll be showing off our new Icarus!

As always, tell us what you want to here next week? Let us know! We need your input!! seriously!