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Lifetime Replacement Plan

Flynoceros is now offering lifetime replacement of all of our frame products. When trying to decide on the best new frame to add to your collection, one of the most common questions I get is “Is this frame going to hold up?” or “How durable is your frame?”

It’s easy to say, “Yea, our frames are the best!” Since we use a quality carbon fiber with good layout schedules and we design the frames based on an understanding of stress, strain, force, and other engineering best practices. But we are also designing a set of highly competitive racing products. Just like any sport, we are pushing the engineering and design to the edge of our current technological limits. Having a frame that lets you go faster, turn sharper and go through smaller gaps… those are new limits that only a racing frame can provide. This means crashes are harder, there’s less reaction time available for the pilot to go into a “safe mode” mentality, and the frames are subject to new levels of stresses not possible before. It’s not uncommon (it’s actually the norm) for someone to put a set of Emax Race Spec 2205 2300KV motors pulling over 4Kg of thrust on a frame that weighs less than 50g.

Let’s break those numbers down:

  • 50g of carbon
  • holding a set of hardware that weighs around 500g
  • being pulled by motors and props doing over 4000g,
  • turning on a dime doing around 70m/s² (about 7Gs)
  • and when you crash, the frame can experience 350m/s² (about 35Gs) or more

Those are some serious numbers. Things are going to break! If anyone tells you otherwise, don’t believe them!

So, as a pilot, what does this mean for you? You ask yourself…

How many crashes before a break?

How far is my money going to take me?

I want to get better but at what cost.

When you buy a Flynoceros product we see it as a partnership. When you win a race, we win a race. When your friends brag about how fast you are, it makes us feel like we did our part. When you crash and burn we cringe with you. And once the dust settles, and the adrenaline rush is over, and that impact was just a little too hard, we want to be there with you. We want you to be able to keep going! So, while the others are contemplating how they are going to afford a replacement, you know you can.


That’s why I decided to offer this.

Here’s a link to the FAQs, I’ll keep updating it as people ask me questions I haven’t considered yet.

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Building an Orion Stack

I’ve made the Orion PDB included with all Orion frames. And since it’s standard now and quite a few people have looked at an Orion build and commented, “That’s awesome, but I don’t think I could build a stack like that.”, I figured I should do a video.

One of the main reasons the Orion PDB is designed the way it is, is to make building a stack as easy as possible. I’ve got a video here to walk you through it, and I think you’ll find that an Orion Stack is a simple, light weight, and perfectly sized stack for what you are looking for.