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The Flyno Show – VLOG 03 – Skins – Prototype Frames – Nerd Nite Talk – Giveaway!

Hello Flyno Peeps Here’s Episode 3! Even more Improvements!!

This week we talk about Skins, old frame designs, swag and our upcoming talk!

Here some links: Miss Creature’s channel (keep an eye out for the Giveaway there)…


April 11th, Nerd Nite Talk



What do you want to here next week? Let us know.

And for the Giveaway, Comment on the youtube video(tagging doesn’t work in youtube anymore so don’t worry about that, but feel free to give us a share :D). We’ll do a random selection next week during The Flyno Show filming.



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Here’s a name. Æther.

I think there are going to be a lot of people talking about this name for a while. Why? Because, at Flynoceros, we never stop pushing the envelope. We are constantly evolving and improving, and Æther is the latest quad to be a part of that cycle. A new generation of an ultralight racing frame that is more than just light. It’s innovative, beautiful, and well-designed.

About 6 months ago I mentioned to the Flynoceros team I wanted to make, what I deemed at the time, “the UTT Killer.” The impetus was simple. Make the lightest frame possible, designed to complete 1 lap and nothing else. You crash, you break… so make sure you finish that lap first, whatever it takes.

That was all well and good, but with the Cerberus exploding in popularity and several other projects in the pipeline, there was no energy put into designing it.

Now, the game is changing. The Pro’s are optimizing everything. There is no screw left unturned. So about a month ago 32BitsOfGil asked me for the UTT killer. We spent a few hours and revisited some old concepts and reworked them. The UTT killer became “The chicken bone.” It looked like a chicken bone. We are pretty literal with our “secret” project names.

Gil messed around with the chicken bone, but it never really worked out. It was completely minimal and mounting all of the little pieces you would have needed became a real challenge. We talked about what to add on to fix the problems, but it was clear we needed to rework the design.

Meanwhile, I start dabbling in custom Aluminum parts. There are peeps out there doing it, and I wanted to see why. There are some pretty obvious opportunities for a part that can do things that plate carbon cannot. I came up with a bracket that was an awesome concept. Simple, durable, and solved a problem that carbon fiber alone could not do with the same level of strength and weight.


Back to the chicken bone…

Over the course of about a week, the Flynoceros team got together every night and we started churning through ideas. How could we improve the chicken bone? How could we pack everything in without increasing the weight? We decided on a set of rules the frame need to achieve.

  • Maximum Power to Weight Ratio
  • Modern Electronics (AIO boards, 4in1 ESCs, tiny cameras, etc.)
  • Make it affordable!

We did it. We achieved all of these goals. We were able to take advantage of my custom aluminum parts too. Not only take advantage, it added a level of serviceability that isn’t possible currently in racing quads. While in the middle of it Gil and I were talking, “How was this frame going to fit into the Flynoceros Mythology?” There was a name I’ve had floating around in my head for a while, so I pitched it to Gil, 0.5 seconds later, “Hell yes!” Æther was agreed upon.

We planned a day to cut and build this prototype. But I wasn’t happy. There were some compromises we had to make and they didn’t quite feel right. But, we had to move forward. With the build date quickly approaching, I kept tweaking the parameters to see if I could find the perfect balance. The night before the build I made two drastic changes that brought everything into alignment for me. First was we had been planning a 45° rotated flight stack. We couldn’t make it fit any other way. It seems simple now, but it took a long of effort to get it to work as well as it does. Finally, I decided to ditch the Aluminum in exchange for Flexible TPU mount. I’m still excited about this one. It solidified a few thoughts for me. Aluminum is the lazy designer’s quick out. If you can’t figure out, make it out of Aluminum. It may be useful, but I’m content to say not right now. And OMG, when something is right, you know it. The flexible TPU mount created a built-in soft mount system and break resistant roll cage.

Build day!

We cut the prototypes. Everything went perfectly according to plan. Why wouldn’t it? I worked every detail dozens of times. The assembly process took an entire day. That had nothing to do with the build, which was quick and simple. We were enjoying the time to hang out in the FlynoHQ, marvel at every awesome part of the quad, and relax a little bit. I know I felt a sense of accomplishment when we maiden the Æther for the first time.

MultiGP IO Debut

Now that we’ve prototyped and tested it, it was time to show Æther to the world. Perfect timing since we were heading to the International Open. Every legitimately fast pilot in the world was there, and we showed them all the Æther. 32bitsofgil and mav-rick had their builds on site and racing them in events. The feedback was extremely positive. With such a light frame incorporating a state-of-the-art soft-mounting system there were so many features that just kept blowing minds. We were very happy with the performance of the Æther in the races and we were even happier with the acceptance of the elite racing community. Now all that’s left is to finish the 1st production run and get it out. Get ready!!

The Flyno team is growing, but there are 3 people who put it a significant amount of effort into Æther. Special Thanks to Justin (beaupre), Rickey (mav-rick), and Gil (32bitsofgil)

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Flyno Carbon

You might notice “Flyno Carbon” next to some of the frames.

What is it?

We have been working diligently for the last… I don’t even know how long with our carbon fiber suppliers. We now have a new carbon fiber plate that is about 135% stronger that the typical carbon fiber you’ll find. That’s a huge difference.

Stronger? Seriously, how do you know that?

First thing to do is decide on a metric. We measure the strength of our carbon plate by its tensile strength. (that’s where we get the 135% from). We took our standard carbon fiber composite and tested it against our new carbon composite and found that it had a tensile strength 1.35 time that of the standard carbon fiber composite.


There are a lot of factors that determine the quality of carbon fiber. The layup schedule, density, strand orientation, weave, prepreg, resin, etc. We tried lots of combinations optimizing for the greatest strength. It’s our secret recipe. But we also took it out of the lab and tested it. We have had Flyno Pilots flying Flyno Carbon for several months now without a single broken frame. Does that mean it’s indestructible? No, everything breaks in time. And any frame maker that tells you otherwise is selling snake oil. But, it has been proven stronger in the lab and on the track.

Final Thoughts

This is something I’ve personally witnessed. There are a lot of suppliers pushing their carbon fiber into the market. And there’s prices are too good to be true. A lot of hobbyist frame designers and even some of the bigger names (trying to get by with cheap products) get caught in the trap of making frames without understanding the material. At Flynoceros we understand the material. We understand how to take advantage of it’s inherent characteristics to make the the best product for you. And we back it up with our Replacement Plan.

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Flyno Puzzle Day Challenge

We just completed our first puzzle

I had a blast making it and watching you all try and solve it. We are definitely going to do this again. I’d love your feedback, so I can improve the process and make it more fun and engage more people.

The winner :

SekThree Logan

Here’s what they won:

Provide feedback in our survey

Here’s the Puzzle: (adjusted for the blog post):

*note: the entire puzzle is contained here. There is no need to email or snail-mail anything. There is no need for complex tools.

Link to Solution







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Thanksgiving Sale

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Everyone, Josh here from Flynoceros.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for being a part of the FPV and Flynoceros communities. We have come a long way the last year. So has our sport. I look forward to the next year. We have lot of great ideas in the pipeline just waiting for you to test them. In the meantime, I want you flying one of the best racers available. Yes 3mm or 4mm Orion 190Xs, they are both on sale from Thursday to Sunday.

Thank you


Orion 190X (Gen 4)

Orion 190X 4mm (Gen 4)



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Cerberus – How and Why?

The Cerberus has been in the making for a while. Starting way back when I created the Canis m4 & m5. So let’s start there.


The concept was to extend the Orion roll-cage design to a full body length. This allow all the components be protected with plenty of room.


The first problem I faced was the Camera. With the Orion Series, I worked to make sure the HS1177 Cams would fit. But the only way I could find to do this full body roll-cage was to make them pretty close together. 20mm seemed to be a good number. And since the Runcam Owl was all the rage at that point in time (which was also 20mm wide), I thought I have found the perfect solution. I quickly designed a set of mounts for the Runcam Owl.


There were 2 main problems.

  • The Runcam Owl fell out of popularity as fast as it fell into it. Everyone wanted HS1177 options.
  • All VTXs were about 21mm wide! It drove me crazy. I searched high and low for a VTX that was small and good… they didn’t exist. I even spent a ridiculous amount of time working on a Flyno VTX design specifically to be narrower than 20mm.

So I did what always I do, went back to the drawing board (monitor), and got back to work. I made 3 main changes, widen the roll cage to 25mm, made the HS1177 the main focus, and lastly redesigned the arms and designed the frame to be thicker to increase the strength.


So you’re probably asking, “I thought this was about the Cerberus?”

Okay, okay. I’ll hurry up.

This is the point in the story when Gil (aka 32bitsofGil), who was flying the Canis and loving it, came to me and said he had some ideas. We did a design session and hashed out some new concepts, the biggest being lets stretch the frame and make it a long X. I spent almost a month of designing iteration after iteration, trying to find the right balance of strength,weight, looks, and component integration.


I had a series prototypes produced and got them into the hands of some talented people for feedback. Gil took a set, built them out and (as of this post) is flying them in the Drone World’s in Hawaii.

see… Can’t you tell that’s Gil is in Hawaii holding the Cerberus prototype?


I was really happy with the results of the prototype run, but something was missing. It needed a few things.

  • Better component integration
  • A sweet hood (because hoods are hot right now)
  • A bad a** name
  • Accessories!


So I did all of that… and I’m working on more. I have to give Gil Credit for the name… he wanted to call it “Gil’s bad a** quad of the future!” I said I was on the fence about that name, so we settled on Cerberus. Which makes sense. Its a purebred Canis that’s got the attitude to match.



Those are a few of the accessories. But I’ve also worked with one of the best 3D parts designers to create a series of HD cam mounts too. Here’s a Session mount for the Cerberus. It’s designed to perfectly fit over the Cerberus Hood.



[rev_slider alias=”cerberus”][/rev_slider]


Wait there’s more!

There’s a lot of behind the scenes too. The Cerberus has prompted a lot of other changes that you’ll be seeing at Flynoceros soon. If you didn’t notice the pics of the Cerberus were nicer than our other pics. I build a new light box just to take pictures of the Cerberus. It’s pretty scary here in my office. There’s a void in the corner that disappears into infinite..


Also, We’ve began working on new packaging that will be coming out soon. Here’s a mockup:



Thanks again,

Josh @theflynoshop