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Flyno Show 12! BFF Ready! New Aether Arms! Cerb v3! Rhino Winner Announced!

Sup Flyno Peeps!

00:13 – Watch for BFF (ButterFlight Frame) Dropping soon
01:44 – Puzzle Winner!
02:47 – Æther Puzzle Arms
04:32 – Cerberus V3 Update
07:36 – Development Cycles!
08:37 – Truth?
10:32 – Tell us what you think is the best racing rig!
11:32 – Flyno Rhino Giveaway drawing #2
13:19 – Featured Rippin’ (AirBath)
14:26 – Sponsored Advertisement
15:08 – why are you still watching this?



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The Flyno Show 09 – Maker Faire Austin – Icarus – Haiku Giveaway?

Flyno… Hi Yes!

Coming to you from Maker Faire 2018!

This week we were at Austin Maker Faire this week Racing and Talking Icarus Project.

Congrats to Jared Swartz for winning the Flyno Fidget Spinner!

We are starting our first batch of BFF frames (the Butterflight frame), Butterflight guys did a raffle to get in on the first batch of 10. We have a couple extra and we are going to have to figure out what to do with those 😉

Don’t Forget to enter our Hat contest… Post your Haiku! Best Haiku wins.

Remember to tell us what you want to hear more about.

The Flyno Show 08 – Long Distance ♥ – Giveaway (Things from Mort’s Desk) – Quad Yard Wars!!

What up Flyno Peeps!

On this week’s show we anounce a new segment Quad Yard Wars! Keep an eye out for the first part to drop soon.

Check out the Stop Motion assembly of the Æther by Team Canada Pilot ILLMattak

We show off a new prototype Æther with individual arms in a True X configuration.

Cerberus V2 – If you can’t Break it, beat it! Literally.

Sick crash footage from Rick / Beauty Build

Remember to comment to get in on the Giveaway of the coolest fidget spinner ever!

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The Flyno Show – 07 – Special Guest – ButterFlight Frame – GoPro Session is DEAD!?!

What up Flynonians!

On this week’s show, world famous professional drone pilot Steele Davis, aka Mr. Steele, drops in to say hello and give everyone an update on his Ripping America tour!

The frame we are designing for ButterFlight has seen some updates and we cut a new prototype (and almost burned down FlynoLabs in the process. Mort is on extended mandatory leave)

Holla at ya boyee about your thoughts on Cerberus v3 Proto!

GoPro killed the Session. What does this mean for us FPvers?


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The Flyno Show – Nerd Nite (nice!) – Flyno Labs! – Shoutout – Icarus+MakerFaire – Winners!


This week we talk about some goodies, like our Fat Strap Giveaway and MIss Creature’s Sköll and Skin Giveaway.
Congrats to
Bob Lyman (winner of the Lipo FatStrap)
@melo_fpv (winner of MIss Creature’s Sköll and Skin)

We also talk about a lot cool new products in #flynolabs. check them all out here:

Jared sent us a sweet FlynoRhino pic for an entry into our FlynoRhino giveaway (remember to save those tickets in your orders!)

Oh yea, and Josh did a talk at Nerd Nite Austin… we tried a live stream event and had some issues, so watch the potato version posted now, or keep an eye out for a better quality version as soon as we recieve it.

And don’t forget to come to Maker Faire in Austin!
We’ll be showing off our new Icarus!

As always, tell us what you want to here next week? Let us know! We need your input!! seriously!


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The Flyno Show 05 – Butterflight Quad – Miss Creature – Giveaway Winners! – Fat Strap

Hello Flyno Peeps

Appologies up front for the potato quality! We are constantly messing with the setup and we spend as little time as possible on it so that we can stay focused on the good stuff.. Frames!

This week we culminate our hat/beanie giveaway!

Winners are:

  • 1st choice: Airbath!
  • 2nd choice(what even Airbath doesn’t pick): Ryan Terry



We also did an interview with Miss Creature would is in the middle of a Sköll V2 giveaway Check out her Instagram for details!

We also talk about the Butterframe and lipo Fat straps, and few other random things! Go check out Butter Flight here and prep yourself for the perfect companion frame soon.

What do you want to here next week? Let us know! We need your input And for the Lipo Fat Strap Giveaway, Comment down below. We’ll do a random selection next week during The Flyno Show filming.


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The Flyno Show – VLOG 04 – Rhino – Giveaway – Cerb v3 (it’s here!)

Hello Flyno Peeps

Here’s Episode 4! So much Flyno goodness packed into 10 minutes of fun.

This week we talk about our Flyno Rhino, Cerberus V3 and update you on our giveaway

Here some links:

Check out Qualls Almighty’s Full Video here

We used his sick play ground footage for our Blue Screen Segment


What do you want to here next week? Let us know! We need your input

And for the Giveaway, Comment on the youtube video. We’ll do a random selection next week during The Flyno Show filming.