Flynoceros Baby Sköll

The long awaited Baby Sköll is finally here

This Baby is a lot like it’s mother. Design features Sköll V3 aesthetic condensed into a tight and tough package. Similar to the Sköll V3 – Taq Edition, the Baby Sköll has a uni-body base plate with revolutionary, snap-in, soft-mounted, anti-jello rollcage mounts never seen before. It also has standard zip-tie mounting locations all over the frame. The rollcage on the Baby Sköll also takes it’s queues from its parent with a sleek design and cleanly mounted battery deck. The main divergences for the Baby Sköll is it’s dual 20×20 mounting stacks or single 30×30 mounting stack. We can be exactly like our parents, now can we?

baby rhino

Optimized and Modernized

With more room than most other 3″ frames and a top mount battery design, we’ve made an awesome 3″ free-styler! Perfectly sized to accommodate modern 3″ props and motors. The simple uni-body design makes assembly a breeze and repair a cinch. Dual 20×20 stacks let you run all kinds of electronics you couldn’t run in other frames. And it still supports 30×30, if you want to go big. As always at Flynoceros, we make sure the only limit is your imagination.

Freestyle and Cinema

Whether you just want to fly in a big backyard or get up close and personal, we’ve made it easy to get what you want. The Baby Sköll lets you use a Micro Cam, Full Size Cam, Split Cam, Dual Cam… and any other Cam those Cam peeps think up! And if that’s not enough, grab a Prop Ducts and HD Cam Mount Kit to get HD Video on one of the smallest cinema rigs available.

We don’t have the Mount for your Cam? Just ask us! We design new mounts all the time and anytime you need us to. Unlike our competitors, we want to help!

With our lifetime Warranty…

Have the confidence to go all out while everyone else is too scared to compete.

You want Features!?

  • 3″ Props
  • DJI FPV Compatible
  • Unibody Baseplate
  • 30mm Wide Rollcage
  • Dual 20×20 Stacks
  • Centered 30×30 Stack
  • Revolutionary Snap-In Soft-Mounted Rollcage (Anti-Jello)
  • Strong 3mm Arms
  • More Space for Components
  • Integrated Ziptie Holes
  • Micro-Cam Compatible
  • HD Split Cams Compatible
  • Ziptie Slots Everywhere
  • Downloadable 3D Print Files
  • Top Mount Battery Design
  • Baby Sköll Will Also Succeed In Its Quest At Ragnarök

Flynoceros Baby Sköll

Choose your own FPV adventure


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