My name is Josh Ingram.


I started Flynoceros after being in the FPV racing community for only a year. Even though I was only a year in (Flynoceros was started in 2014), I had the technical expertise to back it up.  I studied, worked, and hacked my way through several different industries. I have Graduate degrees in Design, Architecture and Engineering. I’ve studied product design, software development, and electronics at MIT, Harvard, and several other universities. I’ve also worked for some of the top designers and engineers in the world.

With all I’ve done over the last 20 years, nothing has touched my passion more that FPV racing. Every aspect of the sport from the moment you start sourcing components, to the build, to the test, and finally racing… or is it hacking your quad between races just so you can get another flight in after that epic crash. The point is I love this sport, I love designing all kinds of things related to the sport, and I love talking to you about the sport too. Feel free to look through my designs and products. If you think I can do something better, tell me. If you like something, email me. With all the fun I’ve had working on these products, the best part of this sport is talking to people like you.



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