Flyno... Race Yes!

That’s our motto. Why? Because we like rhinos, flying, and a we like to abbrv. things! Flyno! Sounds bad, but we made it good.. race yes!

There’s a few things we do at Flynoceros that no one else does. We love rapid prototyping. We love putting those prototypes in your hands and letting you tell us what you like and don’t like. That’s why we offer our replacement plan. Don’t worry about breaking your frames, fly it like you want! If you break it, we will help you get back in the air.

We work hard to continually improve our designs as well as take advantage of new data, information and trends to keep our products current and exciting. If you have an idea, we’ll make it. If you want a tweak on one of our designs will do it. If you just want to fly… we’ve already got it!

Josh Ingram

Owner - Prak

I started Flynoceros after being in the FPV racing community for only a year. Even though I was only a year in (Flynoceros was started in 2014), I had the technical expertise to back it up.  I studied, worked, and hacked my way through several different industries. I’ve studied product design, software development, and electronics at some of the top schools including MIT and Harvard. I’ve also worked for some of the top designers and engineers in the world.

With all I’ve done over the last 20 years, nothing has touched my passion more that FPV racing. Every aspect of the sport from the moment you start sourcing components, to the build, to the test, and finally racing… or is it hacking your quad between races just so you can get another flight in after that epic crash. The point is I love this sport, I love designing all kinds of things related to the sport, and I love talking to you about the sport too. Feel free to look through my designs and products. If you think I can do something better, tell me. If you like something, email me. The best part of this sport is talking to people like you.

Justin Beaupre

Flynoceros Pilot - Beaupre

My name is Justin Beaupre, but people call me by my pilot handle “Beaupre”. I was born and raised in Jupiter, FL but moved out to Norman, OK after accepting a full time job after college. I’ve been Flying FPV for about 4 years, but have been racing competitively for about 2 years. Outside of racing I love Photography and Videography, and pursue it as a side business.

My love for FPV racing is because of where it takes your mind. As soon as you pull those goggles down and launch your quad, nothing else matters in the moment, as you are completely lost in another physical world parallel to your own existence… woah. As a pilot, my goal is to push the limits of myself and the aircraft I fly, and master it as well as I can.

To be a Flyno pilot means a lot. Flyno is a small company that takes great pride in what they do. That pride transfers to us pilots, which tells us that it’s an home to fly for someone that believes in you. So what does it mean to me?? I’m simply honored to be in the shoes I am today and honored to be surrounded by the pilots I fly with.

Rickey White

Flynoceros Pilot - Mav-Rick

Rickey “Mav-Rick” White has been flying drones since 2015, and FPV racing since 2016. Rick has a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Dallas, is an entrepreneur, and owns and operates a small computer services shop in Austin, TX where he calls home. Rick is passionate about videography, photography, and combined these skills with his passion for drones. The community is a huge reason why he loves the hobby. Rick formed the Broken Prop Crew as a way to bring his FPV friends together.

“Having a background in art and design, I was drawn to Flyno frames because of their thoughtful balance of form and function. I love supporting small businesses and providing feedback to make the products better. Team Flyno includes some of the best pilots in the world, and I am honored to be included. The world of FPV Drone racing has just begun…” -Mav-Rick

Rick’s goals are to compete in the MultiGP Nationals and also be invited to race on DRL.

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