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  • Sköll V2 Configurator (Build Your Own FPV Frame) (From: $87.49 $74.38)
    reviewed by sansqueesco

    A buddy of mine was flying this awsome frame and dishing out some abuse and it just kept flying,solid frame and very good flight performance .Love this so much I bought a 6 and a 5 highly recomend this to any one lookin for a robust and well designed frame ,A big shot out to Josh Burton he is the reason i bought this frame!

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  • Sköll V2 Configurator (Build Your Own FPV Frame) (From: $87.49 $74.38)
    reviewed by Killawill

    It took me flying five other frames to finally get the frame I first saw and fell in love with when I found fpv. This frame is so amazing in either 5 or 6 inch that I've sold my Remix and Johnny build frames to build into Skoll's. You want an aggressive do it all build go 5 inch, you want a more floaty/cinematic (still full of send it still) go 6 inch with 5 inch props. Smooth , buttery, locked on rails feel with FlightOne Revolt OSD and Newbeedrone Smoov esc's. HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!! No worries on going a little too hard in that bando, or crap.. that disarm or failsafe from a height that makes you cringe.. Go for broke..!! I did and they were there like they said they would be. Stateside company with fast shipping means you'll be back in the air sooner than having to wait for airmail.. (I still like them too, just not as much as the great folks I've found down in Texas) . Do yourself a favor and get a Skoll, the new 5mm arms are a must have when configuring your kit. The guys here even provide the .stl's for their stuff if you have your own printers! Who does that??? Check out the BFF too, that's my next build.. Slammed Cinematic/LR with dual cameras, diversity crossfire.... Bruh.. why are you still reading this? Go checkout now, build your quad, fly it, come join us in the Flynoceros Community on Facebook and tell me how right I was...

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