Final Orders will start shipping Monday 7/20/20


The Flyno Shop will be closing permanently on June 12th

We know how much some of you have invested in your frames and Flynoceros products. I personally do not want anyone to not have what they need to stay in the air. Because of this we are going to allow any order to be placed until June 12th. We will fabricate all orders and ship them out after that point. I estimate all final orders will be shipped on or around July 10th. This means there will be a delay in receiving any order until that point.
I am very sad about this and I will post more personal thoughts in the Flynoceros Community.

As to the procedure for closing:

  • All warranties will be honored for broken parts (1 warranty per piece only)
  • All orders will be filled if possible. (If an order cannot be filled we will notify you and provide refunds)
  • All orders will contain lots of extras. Anything we have in our shop must be cleared out. From Tshirts, motors, fcs, props, etc. Anything that’s not listed will be randomly added to orders as a thank you for your support.
  • If you have an order in prior to this announcement and decide you do not want it, in light of the closing, we will refund you.
  • If you place an order after this announcement, we ask that you keep it as the parts will be manufactured specifically for you.